Who’s Ready for Crossfaith?

Confirmed from Osaka, Crossfaith surely will be the next performer on Hammersonic 2020’s stage! What an exciting news! Formed in 2006, this heavy metal band has released their very first demo called Blueprint Reconstruction in 2008.
With fans who set themselves on fire, lyrics that hate on the Japanese government and a sound that roooars on the dancefloor and raves in the moshpit, Osaka’s Crossfaith will getting themselves well and truly will be noticed.
Recently nominated for Best International Newcomer in some awards in 2014, they make their Download debut on the main stage on June 13. A very well-known about this band is their live performance energy is electric. Literally. Crossfaith perform with the intensity of a pneumatic drill direct to the cerebellum.
The band, which also includes bassist Hiroki Ikegawa, guitarist Kazuki Takemura and drummer Tatsuya Amano, were celebrating 10 years together. A decade in they are still on an upward trajectory that is taking them to large venues both in Japan and overseas. Crossfaith hasn’t completely lost faith in the new generation of rockers, though. The members reminisce about a show in Russia earlier this year that saw kids in the mosh pit light fireworks during the set.
Now in a downright exciting mood, it’s Crossfaith everyone! Let’s brings up a memory that causes everyone else to get reflective in Hammersonic 2020.

Tickets are still available, go get yours now!