Following the successful release of Psychosadistic Design, one of South Africa’s heaviest export, Vulvodynia, return with a slamming new album titled Mob Justice and marks their calendar to Hammersonic 2020!

As we know, when it comes to savagery and shade, the five-piece band know how to do it – and they do it well. As the band states, “We needed an album that paid homage to the savage motherland we call home. We needed an album that hit home for us conceptually. Instead of following up on the murder themes of Psychosadistic Design or the alien themes of Finis Omnium Ignorantiam we are basing each song around the horrors we face in our day to day lives in South Africa. We will leave no stone unturned as we expose you to everything vile that Africa has to offer from our drug epidemics to our mob justice killings to our corrupt government!”

In 2018 The band embarked on another successful tour across Europe with Despised Icon, Malevolence & Archspire, a trip to Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ) and another Headline Tour to the EU. 2019 Nearly three years after the release of Psychosadistic design the band is finally finishing off a new offering, have more euro tours planned and finally a tour to United States  — proof that there is no way to predict just how far or how fast Vulvodynia’s sinister infection will spread.”

As Vulvodynia prepare to start their set to Hammersonic 2020 there is a real sense that this will not going to be just a crushing Slam set but ultimately a party. If anything, it will be a perfect day of heer brutality and insanity. Soooo, what are you waiting for?! Buy the tickets and lets have some fun!