Shut the front door, Venom Prison is coming on their way!

Generally described as playing death metal featuring elements of hardcore punk and grindcore, Venom Prison confirms their act on Hammersonic 2020. Fronted by formidable vocalist, Larissa Stupar whose earthy roar is the perfect conduit for lyrics that turn death metal tropes on their head. The searing Perpetrator Emasculation, for example which inspired the cover art on their debut full-length Animus, is a bout a rapist being force-fed his own genitals.
Coming from South Wales, Venom Prison may not be the first band to write from a standpoint visceral female anger-American death metal supergroup, but Venom Prison’s approach veers away from Castrator’s old skool death metal approach, instead embracing a furious hardcore stomp.
Their continuation is not an accident, Venom Prison may be making extreme music that is decidedly in 22st century, but they take cues from the likes of Iron Maiden whose imagery as identifiable as the music. A huge part of this imagery is witnessing Larissa’s self-righteous fury in action. Having an album showing full-blooded revenge against the rapist hit right as the metoo was reaching a crescendo in the mainstream media made the singer and band extreme metal spokepeople for the movement.
Its always cool when music has a message, its what pushes people a lot more and kind of what people want it back a little bit more because there’s actually a putpose to this, not just some madness being shouted and blast beats everywhere, they said.
So, what are you waiting for? Get the tickets now and you make today jealous of the day in Hammersonic 2020!