Surprise Surpise! Trivium Is Confirmed!

Trivium is a metal band which formed in Orlando, Florida, United States in 1999. The band currently consists of Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass) and Alex Bent (drums). Heafy is the band’s only remaining original member. Since their formation, the band has released eight studio albums. Their most recent album, The Sin & The Sentence, was released on October 20, 2017. Trivium cross multiple heavy metal genres such as thrash metal, alternative metal, groove metal and heavy metal. Their style has evolved over the years from their earliest work on Ember to Inferno right through to In Waves. There is a clear thrash influence from Metallica and Machine Head as well as some early In Flames. Trivium has stated that in general they are influenced by musical groups such as Metallica, Machine Head, and Iron Maiden.
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