A death metal band from Schiedam, Netherlands, formed in 1988, disbanded in 2003, and reformed in 2005 confirmed their schedule at Hammersonic 2020 exactly on the second day in March 28.
Sinister already has 13 albums and most recently Syncretism in 2017, and ofcourse their performance on stage can’t be doubt anymore. It’s such an honor for us to be able to welcome Sinister’s arrival with our magnificent stage that we have prepared well.
By these time their presence in Death-Metal has paid off. Death-Metal is back, where for Sinister it never left. The response from fans and critics where good. Sinister sold lots of albums and played lots of good shows, of which a short US-tour and good festivals like Wacken open air, Milwaukee Metal fest and Czech Dynamo blessed their way. Altough its been a very long way for Sinister to looking for a new singer.
After some serious tryouts with different singers, Rachel came out best and the band started concentrating on the next record. ‘Creative Killings’ was released at Hammerheart Records, September 2001. Shortly, after the release guitarist Bart decided to quit the band. A replacement was found in Pascal. The album was promoted with shows in Russia, Belarus and a 26 show tour across the rest of Europe.
And now on, it is our turn to provide space for Sinister and their fans a huge moshpit circles!