Knock Knock from The Neighbors, Restraint is Here!


Malaysian hardcore metal band Restraint will be perform at Hammersonic 2020.
Formed in 2000, restraint will showing-off their existence in hardcore’s stage act ofcourse for hammerhead only. Their very first time of being in Hammersonic stage will be full of surprise performance which also an exciting moment to Hammerhead to having fun in circlepit first time with Restraint.
Its a huge honor for us to be able to bring music from bands over Asia, its a band that is huge within the world of Asian hardcore, and that just brings a massive smile across our faces.
Restraint always straddled the world of hardcore and metal. Their debut record that put them on the map released several years ago entitled Pure From Blood. It is complete embrace of their metal roots while maintaining the angst and passion for hardcore all wrapped up in Hammersonic 2020’s stage.

The tickets are still running, don’t wait any longer. Go buy and prepare for the next surprise!