Let’s make a U turn to our dearest country, its Deadsquad’s turn!

Our pridely death metal that formed in 2006 from Jakarta confirms their acts on Hammersonic 2020’s stage. Ten years after the album Horror Vision was released, the five members that most powerful formations finally turns back their as a reunion formations. The most exciting act from ourselves either, until today, the formation of Horror Vision is still the culmination of musical line-up that once owned by one of the biggest mass-based metal bands in Indonesia. The news of their reunion formation has continuation, a number of teasers also spread following it. The moment to celebrate the awesomeness of this formation finally came true. Not just for their fans but it seems that all dimensions of our hammerhead would coming to celebrate the gathering of these five great members.
Can be given, this special momentum itself can be happened from the meeting that coincided in Stevi Item’s house. From that day, the foremost idea was to work on a project celebrating the 10th year of Horror Vision.
The appearance of Deadsquad reunited is a loss performance to be missed just like that, prepare your body and soul to shout together at the moshpit which can be ascertained sooo massive.
Online tickets are available to purchased until its sold out real soon. Go get yours now!