Another surprise for our dearest hammerhead, Polaris confirmed their attendance to Hammersonic 2020. This Australian metalcore band has released their debut album in 2017 and it was nominated for the 2018 ARIA Award for Best Hardrock/Heavy metal album of the year with only in the blink of an eye.
For those who grew up headbanging to Parkway Drive’s Horizon and for those who remember when Bring Me The Horizon were still though – In My Mind, Polaris are the next generation of metalcore, transferring raw emotion and energy from genres origins and springkling a little extra on top – a personal touch, a real story, pain into something beautiful and consumable. They are torch, and we should all be excited about who they will next ignite.
Band with their powerful real talent for injecting emotion into Jamie’s vocals we can heard the anger, desperation, hurt, they all sound different and they always bring it to the table. Polaris has a noteworthy performance that may take several listens to really appreciate.
Polaris also known as a talented group of young musicians, they don’t have a weak link and what they’ve made together is easily one of the most memorable releases in the genre this year. Don’t sleep on this one.
Let’s loose ourselves in the arms of Hammersonic 2020 crowd!