Let’s Remember The Good Old Days Together With Killing Me Reunion!

Its our pleasure to give some exciting colors to Hammersonic 2020. Can we remember the good old days with these Emo-Kids? Let’s sing along with Killing Me Reunion!
As their very first time in Hammersonic’s stage this year, the controversial of home-coming the old member with the reunion formation was prepare their best to make some interest mood for Hammersonic 2020 audiences.
Also, their presence made many people wonder, what would it be, Killing Me Reunion perform at Hammersonic? re-appearing with the reunion formation, Onadio Leonardo or well-known as Onad, former vocalist of Killing Me Inside, said that their performance will be amazing at Hammersonic 2020 and will bring us back to the Emo era in 2000’s.

Hammersonic 2020 will full of surprises, make sure you already have tickets!