From The Lion City, Let Overthrown Take Over The Stage!

Singapore-based hardcore band that formed in 1996 will be our next name on the lineup list, yes, its Overthrown! Ignoring current musical trends, Overthrown has assiduously carved themselves a path in the local hardcore scene. Heavily influenced by 90s hardcore icons like Madball,Strife and Earth Crisis to modern day hardcore giants like Terror and Hatebreed, Overthrown plays effusive traditional hardcore with a swirl of swift riffs,breakdowns and in-your-face lyrics.The resurgence of old school hardcore has helped to breathe life to a stagnant genre.With the sound, the passion, and the work ethic to turn attention of even them most fickle fan squarely towards its stage. Overthrown have actively played tons of shows around the region since 2004 and helped bring a sense of unity back into the scene. They have released two demos and one album. Never backing down on their ideals or changing their style,their no-holds-barred attitude has built the band an unequaled following that show no signs of limitation. Overthrown still continue writing new songs and perform whenever there’s opportunity. And of course it is a huge chance for all of Hammerhead who never been watch their live performance, we bring them to you!

Hammersonic 2020 will be such an amazing year, can you feel the excitement?
Get your tickets now or you’ll be regretting the sold-out label, then!