From South Korea, Please Welcome Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy!

Formed in 2003, this South Korean metal scene Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy confirmed their schedule to Hammersonic 2020.
Their very interesting choosen of music can not be related, people all around the world are already know what kind of music that really popular in South Korea, but Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy or D.M.O.T didn’t agree with that, they played hard music in the crowd full of color in their country.
From various ways of musical expressions, D.M.O.T themes and stands for spontaneous minor key melodies which will deeply incite the listener’s sensitivity.
Eluding from the existing local music standards, their breaking and mixing music style is not to be judged easily.
Bands with all similar ‘good to listen’ music with a bit of inclination to experimental and progressiveness might be recognized for their rarity, but further to this to incite and stimulate a listener’s mind, a strong creative basis is needed.
Fortunately, D.M.O.T, even though is not all matured, with flashing musical sense and outstanding song-writing capability of
its members is to paid close attention in its evolving course. The band name DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY is taken from the Middle-age prophet Nostradamus who saw the through the mirror the dark cursing future.

And yes, you still have a chance to see their performance live!
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