From Metal Scene in Nepal, Underside!

Formed in 2010 UNDERSIDE is a metal band with influences from retro rock to old-school thrash influences delivered in a modern way, confirmed the attendance of being performer in Hammersonic 2020. The band was able to gather the followers since their early days.

They refer to themselves as a ‘New Age Metal band from the Third World Street of Kathmandu’. They are a hugely respected and recognized band on a global view of the Metal music industry, but it’s the way they have utilized their work to achieve significant affect that is most impressing, thats why we invite them to preparing their best to our stages.

They seamlessly share their culture to an audience largely unfamiliar to Nepal; as well as provide a platform for rebellious culture to exist and enjoy across South Asia. An area which, as well as being logistically difficult to access for bands before, has suffered a number of tragedies, environmental and manmade. Because of the significant work they do, it would be difficult not to mention the greater context of their home country when talking of their work.

This is truly what Subculture is all about, what Punk, Metal are all about. It’s about uniting in our alienation to fight against the bigger establishment, and to collaborate in an effort to improve the lives of many.

Get yours now because the tickets are running out real soon, you better watch out!