From Bangkok, Please Welcome Defying Decay!


We are putting the spotlight on the hottest and most exciting new bands around with our huge stage, ready to highlight the artists with the biggest potential to make an impact on their scene, please welcome; Defying Decay. established in 2010, a band that is fairly young in the world of metal music can not be underestimated. Coming from Bangkok, Thailand, their existence in music needs to get more appreciation of course by performing at Hammersonic 2020.

Alt-metal band Defying Decay, The Bangkok band are following in the footsteps of bands like Crossfaith whom also being our list in Hammersonic 2020 by taking their exciting hybrid of metal, electronica, rap and rock internationally.

Their first time ever perform in Indonesia needs to be huge opportunity to get for. The crowd have to be massive and insane compared to the stuff they’re get back home.

Consist of vocalist and guitarist by Jay Poom Euarchukiati, drummer Reymaz Khan and guitarist Howard Fang and Kongpop Thongrat and their style of music and stage performing are ready to you all Hammerhead!

Tickets are still available in Presale 1, come get them because its running out real soon!