Early Birds Ticket Sold Out

Right after the announcing of Slipknot as our headliner, Hammersonic 2020 returned to battle to welcome the enthusiasm of the extraordinary metalhead. The very huge enthusiasm of our audience were seen by the Early bird tickets that went on sale on November 11, 2019 have been used up in just five minutes. The Maggots seem unforgiving in bulldozing the limited ticket quota of Rp. 750,000, -. Even on November 12, 2019, even we added more quota for early bird tickets, but then again, the additional ticket quota did not wait long for a full booked status. What a crazy news for us.


But really, this such a high participation is a motivation for us to facilitate metalheads who want to meet their heroes.


“We believe that metalheads have such a high enthusiasm to meet their favorite band, moreover we have announced to bring the phenomenal band, Slipknot. So our team has tried to accommodate the enthusiasm of metalheads that are so high. Ticket sales that we open at loket.com and hammersonic.com have indeed received extremely high participation. Our team must accommodate traffic of approximately 200 thousand users / minute, not to mention the users who have queued from before the ticket sales are opened. As a result other people who just want to access the website must mehanan disappointed because they did not open it. Moreover, the quota for early bird tickets is indeed limited and due to high demand we finally added the quota “explained Ravel Junardy from CEO of Hammersonic.

Deeply regards from the bottom of our hearts, for all of you that have this huge enthusiasnm.

See you on the next informations!