Confirmed: Uncured!

Uncured is a metal 4-piece from NJ that is attracting international attention for its combination of technical musicianship, brutal riffs, and melodic interludes. Uncured was founded in 2016 by brothers Rex Cox and Zak Cox. Zak and Rex both play guitar, bass and sing.
It’s been a rapid ascent for teen guitar prodigies Rex and Zak Cox of the progressive technical death metal band Uncured. Hailing from New Jersey, the siblings, despite being just 17 and 19 years of age respectively, have been turning heads with their brand of melodic, heavy and intricate guitar work layered over brutal vocal stylings.
Uncured has gained a reputation among fans and critics for its aggressive, technical, yet highly diverse, live performances. Metal Injection reported that “Uncured sounds a bit like old school Dream Theater with some modern tricks thrown in, such as full-on breakdowns and smoking guitar acrobatics. This band is comprised of extremely talented and promising young musicians.”
Uncured’s roots are firmly planted in prog, but also in Scandinavian death metal, and the manner in which they moved from crushing heavy grooves to break into smooth, sexy interludes was beyond exemplary and forced the onlookers to smile in admiration.” Shutter 16 Magazine simply stated: “just wow, the raw talent of such a young fronted band is outstanding. Formed, written, and lead by two teenagers, is truly insane.”

Can you imagine Hammersonic 2020’s stage will be performed by this teenager?
It should be perfect!
Let’s buy the tickets and see what will surprise you.