Spread the information during press conference in last December 19, Testament surely will be on the Hammersonic 2020’s stage.
This American Thrash Metal band from California way more exciting to perform in Hammersonic, once their vocalist, Billy updated something in his instagram with a hashtag Hammersonicfest and of course it made their fans wondering about the issue. but here we are, announcing the attendance of them! Sooo excited!!
Formed in 1982 under the name Legacy, the band’s current lineup comprises guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnic lead vocalist Chuck Billy drummer Gene Hogland and bassist Steve Di Giorgio. Since its inception, Testament has had numerous lineup changes, leaving Peterson as the only constant member. in 1986, prior to the recording of their first studio album, The Legacy and has been a member of the band since.
Attempting to reconnect with an audience distracted by the growing grunge movement, Testament released The Ritual in 1992. It saw a stylistic move away from thrash to a slower, slightly more traditional heavy metal sound. The Ritual peaked at 55 on the Billboard Hot 100, the band’s highest chart position at the time, and the power ballad “Return to Serenity” managed to receive radio airplay, peaking at number 22. Despite selling more than 485,000 copies in the United States However, the success of the album did not put an end to the tensions within the band.
Hammersonic 2020 is coming, what are you waiting for? Buy the tickets now!