Amon Amarth Closing The Long Wait!

A Swedish melodic death metal band from Tumba, formed in 1992 Amon Amarth will be the last band to fulfill the lineups of Hammersonic 2020. The band bases most of its song lyrics on Norse Mythology, the Viking Age and the pre-Christian world, which thematically comprise a heavy metal style known as Viking metal, Viking metal originally emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s as an ideological offshoot of black metal, made popular by such bands as Bathory and Enslaved. Amon Amarth, though a death metal band, is often labeled as Viking metal due to its lyrical themes. In regard to the band’s reputation as a Viking metal band, Imke von Helden writes in “Barbarians and Literature: Viking Metal and its Links to Old Norse Mythology” that “During the 1990s, Swedish Amon Amarth added a new dimension to the definition of viking metal by means of its death metal style of music. Further explains in “Scandinavian Metal Attack: The Power of Northern Europe in Extreme Metal” that though most Viking metal bands have a black metal background, Viking metal is defined by topics rather than music. That is why death metal bands like Amon Amarth and Unleashed are often included in the league of Viking metal bands.

And yes! We officially fulfill the lineups!
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